Department of Physical Education

Department of Physical Education is a general university departments and conducts practical classes and lectures in physical education with students of all faculties NTU "KPI" first and second courses with a total of over 6.5 thousand. People. The purpose of the department development of new educational technologies to improve the educational process of physical education, monitoring of functional status and health of students and teachers NTU "KPI" education of healthy and fully developed specialists, organizing and conducting classes in physical education, sports training and university students to improve competitions at various levels. Department of

Physical Education was organized in 1934, is one of the oldest and leading departments of higher education in Ukraine. Students voluntarily choose one of the 14 sports that are cultivated in the department. Classes meet with students twice a week.

Осінній тенісний турнір КПІ

5-7 of the second year of the event, the Osnniviy Tenisny Tournament on the First NTUU KPI IM. Іgorya Sіkorskiy, organizing by vikladachi v_ddilennya tenіsu department of fіzvihovannya university. In this school, 32 students took part.
Pidtrimav tour and dopomіg to earn yogi holy pod_єyu Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group, who is not only sponsor of nai свvіdomіshі tenіsnі to tnіri svіtu, alee to carry out the Wearetennis Cup among their own spirits. Organizational assistance in the field of education and logistics Department of the Higher and Higher Robots of NTUU "KPI".

Spartakiada NTUU "KPI them. Igor Sikorsky "on volleyball among the teams of faculties in 2018

Volleyball competitions were completed among teams of faculties within the framework of the University's Sports Complex. Competitions were held in the volleyball hall of the NTUU "KPI" sports complex from March 1 to May 17, 2018. 21 teams of university faculties participated in the competitions, 46 games were played.

Competitions are held to promote health and promote healthy lifestyles; increase of physical preparedness, propaganda and development of volleyball among students; summing up the results of the organization of sports mass work and the effectiveness of the training process at the volleyball department

The competition was held by the judging panel of the Department of Physical Education and the Department of Sport Improvement of the IMF in the Main Judge of the Competition, Abramov S.A., Chief Secretary Syvrovko Z., Judge Dovgopol E.P., Mishchuk D.M., Tomashevsky D.V., Kazarina O.A.,

Results of sports aerobics competitions on the premiere of the faculties of the educational branch of aerobics under the program of the sports hall NTUU "KPI" them. I. Sikorsky, April 25, 18

April 25, 2014 At 15:00 in the aerobics and fitness hall of the TSFVS there were competitions in aerobics for the championship of the faculties under the program of the sports hall of the NTUU "KPI". I. Sikorsky At the beginning of the competition there was a parade of participants, teams-faculties. An introductory speech and greetings were made by the chief judge of the competition, responsible for the educational department of aerobics, senior teacher Tol'machova SE, candidate. ped Sciences, associate professor Head of the Department of Physical Education Khimich I.Yu., Associate Professor of the Physical Education Department.

The KPI team is the champions of Ukraine in rock climbing among students

February 23-25, the 12th Ukrainian Rock Climbing Championship was held among students in Kryvy Rih (view - Bowling). These annual competitions are once again held at the Metallurg Stadium, where in under. The tribune is placed in a skeleton. Altogether nearly 50 athletes from 10 higher education institutions (7 regions of Ukraine) came to the competition.

This year, the maximum number of participants arrived from the KPI, namely 12 students (although the team consists of 6 people). The impetus for an increase in the number of rock-climbing students was, of course, the discovery of the rock climbing hall "KPiskal", where our students trained for free and upgraded their skills in rock climbing.

Training does not go unnoticed. This year our team has been completely upgraded, but the youth has kept a high level and won a team victory among Ukrainian universities. So, for the 3rd year in a row, the KPI team wins the Ukrainian championships among students.

VI Memory Tournament Molchanov


On Friday, February 16, the cold evening in the walls of the KPI Sports Complex was very, very warm. The fact is that more than two hundred people, who are not indifferent foot-halls, have gathered to honor the memory of a wonderful person, a reliable friend who, with all my heart and soul, was in favor of the KPI, in the gym, in the sports complex of NTUU "KPI named after Igor Sikorsky "the first mini-football tournament was held in memory of the prominent trade union leader, the head of the trade union committee of the" KPI "VI Molochanov.

The organizers of the tournament were the sports-mass commission of trade unions of the employees of the "KPI" in full, headed by S.O. Zhuravlev, and teachers of sports perfection and physical education departments.

Seminar on swimming

Everyone should be able to swim. And in order to prevent accidents on the water, and in order to preserve health. Last year in the country drowned up to 2000 people, of which 279 children. Massive swimming training is of national importance. Swimming is widely represented in the system of physical education, which encourages all age groups of the population and is the most harmonious and "ecological" physical activity. Without overloading the body, swimming trains the maximum number of organs and systems.

The program of physical education at NTUU "KPI" includes mandatory training of all students for swimming. At the swimming division, students are taught techniques for swimming in sporting ways: rabbit on their chest, on the back, butterfly, bracelet. The technique of swimming sports is a unique means of correction and training of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is characterized by high cost-effectiveness of movements, which is achieved due to the horizontal position of the body in water, a rhythmic change in tension and relaxation of working muscles, as well as rhythmic and deep breathing.

Seminar on tourism

On January, 17th in the TSFVS in the hall of sports tourism a practical seminar was held for teachers of the Department of Physical Education on the theme "CASTING TECHNIQUE AND PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF TOURISM HOUSES"

Nodes and loops have been used by humans since ancient times during hunting and fishing, in agriculture, in the manufacture of carpets, clothing. Nodes are widespread in various fields of human activity and have special features in seamen, surgeons, fishermen, firefighters, policemen, climbers, speleologists, builders, weavers, hunters, rescuers, and others.

On the photo of art. teacher Mikhailenko V.М.

Personal Championship with 2017 Shaping


On December 15, 2017, there was a personal primacy in shaping among the students of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Igor Sikorsky

The competition was held to promote sport and healthy lifestyles.

The competition was attended by students of the following faculties and institutes: FEL, IPSA, ITS, UPI, FIOT, FAA, FBT, FBMI, FMF, TEF, FMM, FPM (31 people).

In solo performances I took the student FEL - Mitsukova Anastasia, gr. Dv-71 (8.2 points), II place - student IPSA Lupanenko Sofia gr. KA-66 (8.2 points), III student received ITS student - Papushoy Olga gr. TI-72 (6.6).

In the paired performances, IA team won the first place - Yudin Olga, Tolkachova Oleksandra gr. ED-71 (8.6 points), II place - FBT team: Antipova Yaroslav, Muse Marina gr. BM-71 (7.6 points), the third place was won by the team of the Institute of Fine Arts - Koval SI, Garmata S. gr. ST-71 (7.6 points).