Wrestling and boxing

Classes are held: Academic building № 24. The left wing, 1st floor, room fighting and boxing

Salamakha Alexander E. - Senior Lecturer, Head. training department fighting and boxing; 

Otychko Vladimir Afanasievich senior lecturer in boxing; ; 

Hachikyan Sergey S. - Senior Lecturer in boxing; 

Nazymok Victor V. - Lecturer in boxing;





Alexander E. Salamakha - Taekwon-Do;

.Taekvondo Is one of the popular forms of martial arts, which involved individually or in groups without the use of special equipment. Tempo training is given automatically to physical health. Do Taekwondo can recommend and young men, because they have extensive development among students and included in the program of "physical education" in many universities. Taekwondo includes various forms of motor activity, develop accuracy and speed of movement, promotes cardiovascular nervous and respiratory systems, improve metabolism, strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

Specificity of taekwondo in the distribution of program material provides educational work in the following components: 20-25% physical training, general physical preparation (PFD) - 15%; physical training (CFP) - 10%); technical training, 35-40%; tactical training, 15-20%; sparring - 10-15% (the amount of physical training can be increased by 10-15% due to the decline in tactical training). Together with the right training sessions organized independent studies provide optimum continuity and effectiveness of physical education.

Individual sessions include: physical fitness. The development of physical qualities. Theoretical training.Study of the technical elements. Technical training. Performance simulate studied technical elements and their combinations.



 Sergei S. Hachikyan - senior teacher;

 Nazymok Victor V. - teacher;

Boxing is a very popular sport. This is so that people are not capable of boxing exists. Among the well-known world-class boxers can be found quickly, and relatively slow, athletes with asthenic body structure and powerful developed muscular system. In the same weight category can be seen as a very high-athlete and quite undersized boxer. Boxing - compensatory sport where the lack of some physical qualities may compensate for the other. It's a sport that does not impose on the features and capabilities of their fans are no restrictions.

It is believed that boxing unaesthetic sport that boxing - it's a fight, and its main purpose is to learn how to strike to beat the opponent and overcoming its resistance coarse straight action. This view is erroneous.This match intellectuals, two fighters that think.

Boxing needs first deliberate, creative activities that are not possible without the development of creative imagination. Two high-level boxers competing with each other, your brain is subjected to the same intellectual work, as the two chess players. Those and the others try to guess the intentions of their rivals, hiding its own plan of attack and defense. The stronger a boxer in developed capacity for creative action, the higher its athletic performance.

The art of boxing includes the ability to instantly switch from attacking the protective action and re counterattack. Properly build tactical battlefield picture, depending on the opponent and the circumstances prevailing in combat. Possess the necessary technical arsenal in advance to use deceptive and preparatory moves (feints), and be discreet powerful punch.

Annotation The working curriculum credit module: "Establishment of general physical fitness boxing means"