Wrestling and boxing


Classes are held in the educational building № 24.
Left Wing, 1st floor, Boxing and Boxing Hall.

Name Victor - teacher.

Boxing is a very popular sport. This is because people who are not capable of boxing do not exist. Among world-class boxers, you can see fast, and relatively slow, athletes with an asthenic body structure and powerful with a well-developed muscular system. In the same weight category, you can see both a very tall athlete and a fairly tall boxer. Boxing is a compensatory sport where the lack of some physical qualities can be compensated by others. It is a kind of sport that does not impose any restrictions on its fans and abilities.
Boxing is thought to be an aesthetic sport, that boxing is a brawl and its main purpose is to learn how to deal a blow to beat an opponent and overcome his resistance by rough, straight action. This is a misconception. It is a duel of intellectuals, two thinking soldiers. Pythagoras is an ancient Greek mathematician and multiple Olympic boxing champion. Boxing needs, first and foremost, thoughtful, creative actions that are impossible without the development of creative imagination. Two high-level boxers competing with each other expose their brains to the same intellectual work as two chess players. Both try to solve their opponents' intentions by concealing their own plan of attack and defense. The more the boxer has the capacity for creative action, the higher his athletic performance.

The art of boxing involves the ability to instantly switch from attacking to defensive and counterattacking again. Competently build a tactical picture of the battle, depending on the opponent and the circumstances of the battle. Boxers must possess the necessary technical arsenal, apply deceptive and preparatory movements (feints) in advance, and have a rapid powerful blow.




Alexander Salamakha - teacher.

Taekwon-do is one of the most popular types of oriental martial arts, practiced individually or in groups without the use of special equipment. The pace of training is set automatically by the physical state of the body. Taekwon-do classes have been extensively developed in the student environment, enrolled in the Physical Education program at many institutions of higher education and can be recommended to both boys and girls. Taekwon-do includes a variety of forms of locomotor activity, develops accuracy and speed of movement, promotes the development of cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory systems, improve metabolism, strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

The specificity of taekwon-do involves the following distribution of training components:

    physical training - 20-25% general physical training (PFD) 15%
    special physical training (TFP) - 10%)
    technical training - 35-40%
    tactical training - 15-20%
    sparring - 10-15%

(the amount of physical training can be increased by 10-15% by reducing the amount of tactical training). Independent classes are aimed at the development of physical qualities, consolidation of technical elements, execution and imitation of the learned technical elements and their combinations.



Turianitsa Ivan - lecturer.

Today, judo is one of the most popular types of combat. This type of martial arts is one of the best methods of maintaining good fitness. Judo lessons are useful for physical development as this sport comprehensively develops all the muscle groups and body systems. This type of martial arts is suitable for both boys and girls because it imparts excellent self-defense skills.

In the process of employment, character is hardened, the ability to better concentration of consciousness develops, which influences not only the successes in judo, but also the ability to study and the level of ability to work. In terms of injuries, judo is ranked 15th among all sports (the first is gaming). Even at major judo competitions, athletes do not have serious injuries, unlike other martial arts. Judo is the first of all kinds of Oriental martial arts to be included in the Olympic Games program held in Tokyo in 1964, and has since been an integral part of world sports.