Why choose shaping as a type of motor activity that is part of complex coordination sports?


If your goal is to lose weight, build muscle relief, increase muscle volume and strength, improve your mental state, achieve a sufficient level of endurance, flexibility and coordination skills, etc., then your choice is Shaping classes.

Shaping - a system of physical training and health activities aimed at improving the body and achieving harmoniously developed body shapes, combined with a high level of physical fitness.

To implement certain motor tasks in the training department of shaping, special training programs have been developed, which are transformed depending on the individual characteristics of those involved, namely, take into account the initial weight, body type, gender, level of physical and functional fitness.

Shaping training programs are based on the principles of health training, so classes in such programs will contribute to the rapid and effective promotion of health and comprehensive physical development:

     development of physical qualities: strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, agility;
     education of moral and volitional qualities.

Such programs include sets of aerobic exercises (elements of dance aerobics, fitball aerobics, exercises with a skipping rope), strength exercises, including objects (expanders, dumbbells, isotonic rings, etc.), breathing exercises according to traditional and non-traditional methods,  self-training, stretching exercises, exercises for the development of coordination skills, exercises for posture correction.

Teachers of the department also provide recommendations to students on the peculiarities of nutrition and daily water consumption, depending on their type of somatotype.

Shaping classes are held in the educational building № 24.
Gym by the pool, 2nd floor.

Practical classes are conducted by qualified teachers of the Department of Physical Education with many years of experience.

Students have the opportunity to implement the acquired skills during shaping competitions, which are held annually at this department.

Студенти мають можливість реалізовувати набуті навички під час змагань з шейпінгу, які проходять щорічно на цьому навчальному відділенні.