Department of Tourism is on the 4 th floor of the left wing of the 24th Corps. In addition to the general education department conducted pairs (LDPE) hiking weekend.

Mihaylenko Vadim - teacher, beg. training department tourism

Bitko Sergey Nikolaevich senior teacher;Kuz'menko A. Valentine - teacher;

For students in the 1st year. For places of military glory, on the first line of defense of the Soviet troops during WWII; visiting pillboxes and communication of the historical heritage of the Ukrainian people under the slogan: "Nobody is forgotten nothing is forgotten."

Students 2 th rate trips on a rock in the pit Cocks on Bezradychski ravines, the rock in Deneshi, and the climbing wall "Green Theatre" on the slopes of the Dnieper.

During which trained and absorbed practical skills in engineering climbing, orienteering, training for competitions, a way to survive in extreme conditions. WINTER: (for those who wish) conducted training, practical and theoretical sessions on techniques of skiing and snowboarding.

Goals and Objectives department of tourism:

  • Making healthy university students by means of tourism.
  • Preparing students for future independent living.
  • Education of students moral and strong-willed, patriotic and human qualities.


  • To teach and encourage students to independent exercise and sports, including hiking.
  • Familiarizing students with the types of tourism.
  • Introduction and learning by doing basic and essential travel skills that will be useful not only in the classroom tourism and travel, but also in the future independent life (knitting different types and ways of knotting, inciting different kinds of fire, targeting on the ground and in space, overcoming the natural and artificial obstacles to survive in various extreme situations.
  • Development and improvement of basic physical properties: strength, endurance, speed, agility, flexibility, power quality shvydkistno-.
  • Students have to participate in competitions at various levels of walking and mountaineering.