Tennis branch


Practical tennis lessons are held on 4 open ground tennis courts from September to December and from April to the end of the school year.  The courts are located in the KPI park, there is a training wall and exercise machines nearby.  In the cold season, classes are devoted to general physical training and health activities.  The program also includes several swimming lessons, which are held in the pool of the sports complex.  Students who are currently in the 1st year can choose to study tennis in the 2nd year as an elective discipline: block "Disciplines for personal development" / "Complex coordination sports".  2 credits.  During the school year there are 4 certifications and at the end of the school year a test.
Teachers: Burlaka Iryna Vasylivna - senior  teacher, master of sports in tennis.  Department of Physical Education

Lukachyna Anatolii Vasyliovych - senior  teacher, head of the tennis department.  Department of Physical Education

Students of the tennis department have the opportunity to participate in the team interfaculty tennis tournament within the spring Spartakiad of NTUU KPI, as well as in the individual tennis tournament, which is held in October.  The tennis department posts important information for tennis players on its Facebook page #TennisKPI, where you can see photos from student tennis tournaments.
Tennis groups accept students who meet the following requirements:
 - according to the results of the medical examination have a certificate of "basic" or "preparatory" category
 - have their own racket and balls for training
 - do not use profanity
 - love tennis and understand the importance of physical activity