Zhukov Sergey N. - Senior Lecturer, Head. Tennis training department; 

Burlaka Irina V. senior teacher; 

Lukachyna Anatoliy - teacher;

Tennis - one of the most popular sports in the country and the world. Tennis Court KPI were built by our students in 1984. Since then, the students of NTU (KPI) have an incredible opportunity to learn to play tennis, improve technical and tactical skills to good groundwater courts.

During the classes, students of NTU (KPI) are not only knowledge and skills to perform the technical and tactical game of tennis, but also an opportunity to demonstrate these skills in internal competitions at the NTU (KPI).

Learning tennis as a sport in the first and second year students who have secured material better than others, are able to get into the team of NTU (KPI) through tennis preliminaries and in the national team to participate in the championship universities of Kiev.

The main objectives of tennis lessons:

  • Study Techniques Tennis
  • Improving the technical and tactical skills of the game of tennis in the bilateral game on the tennis court and games at the expense of
  • Improving physical skills to practice in general and special physical training