Classes are held on the tennis courts.


Burlak Irina - Art. teacher;
Anatoliy Lukachina - Art. teacher.

Big tennis has been one of the most popular sports for decades. Tennis trains almost every muscle, strengthens the heart, bones, improves blood circulation. Regular tennis training increases performance, improves muscle tone, develops the respiratory system.

Tennis provides a uniform and stable load on all types of muscles, improves coordination. Thus, regular tennis lessons will help you not only improve your figure, recharge your life energy, but also change your mindset and believe in yourself.

KPI tennis courts were built by our students in 1984.

In the course of the classes, students of NTUU "KPI" receive not only knowledge and ability to perform technical and tactical techniques of tennis, but also the opportunity to show this knowledge in competitions for the championship NTUU "KPI" and Spartakiad NTUU "KPI". Students have the opportunity to get into the national team of NTUU "KPI" in tennis through selection competitions and to get into the national team - to participate in the championship of higher educational institutions of Kiev.

The main goals of tennis:

    Study of technical and tactical techniques of tennis;
    Improvement of technical and tactical techniques of tennis play in two-way tennis and score games;
    Improvement of physical skills for training in general and special physical training.