Table tennis

Classes are held in the educational building № 24.
Right wing, 3rd floor, table tennis hall.

Shcherbachenko Vitaliy Konstantinovich - in charge of the training department, Art. teacher;
Grishko Larisa - Art. teacher;
Oksana Chichinova - teacher;

Table tennis is an exciting, evolving, infinitely varied, accessible sport of any age. It has virtually no contraindications, and everyone can learn to play, regardless of age.
Table tennis has a beneficial effect on the development of mobility of hands, develops agility, improves vision, increases the speed of reaction. Due to the development of reactions, the brain learns to own the body faster.
Table tennis is a brain game. Throughout the game, the player thinks, analyzes, predicts and realizes his tactical moves. This game improves the speed of movements and reactions, promotes the development of operational thinking, as well as all kinds of attention. Regularly playing table tennis becomes nimble, fast, has excellent movement coordination.

The organization of the training process in the table tennis section is carried out on the basis of the requirements of the training program. There are more than 500 students of NTUU "KPI" at the table tennis department. During the study period students acquire basic techniques, get acquainted with the tactics of the game, pass control standards, participate in competitions:

  •     Among the training groups;
  •     Among the students of the faculty;
  •     Among students of NTUU "KPI" (personal);
  •     Spartakiads (teams of faculties);
  •     To the Student Council Cup.

The best students take part in the Table Tennis University Spartakiad.

Twice a week training of NTUU "KPI" team is held, which has more than 30 students.