Table tennis

Shcherbachenko Vitaly K. - Senior Lecturer, department nastilnyoho tennis, 

Grishko Larisasenior teacher; 

Chychenova Oksana - teacher; 

Oleg Boyko - teacher;

The educational process used table tennis is based on the requirements of the curriculum. In separate tennis engaged more than 500 students of NTU "KPI". Occupation carried out on the 3rd floor room "B" academic sports hall №24. 2 times a week for the schedule of classes 1 and 2 university courses.

Over the training period students master the basic techniques, learn the tactics of the game, rent control regulations, competing at:

  • Among the study groups;
  • Among the students of the Faculty;
  • Among the students of NTU "KPI" (personal);
  • Olympics (teams of faculty);
  • Cup, Student Council;

The best students participating in athletics universities m. Kyiv table tennis.

Twice a week, conducted training of the national team "KPI" in which there are more than 30 students.