With the opening of the swimming pool CPI in 1983 was created division swimming in the department of physical education.

At the department annually involved swimming around 1,500 students of 1-5 courses. Teachers department developed and tested original methods of organizing and conducting classes in swimming with the students. Students according to their level of swimming training divided into 4 groups: conditional "red", "blue", "green", "yellow". In the "yellow" record of students who can not swim.Primary swimming training with students conducted in the training pool. Groups of "green" formed of the students who are able to swim 25m distinctive way. Group "blue" - the students who physically prepared enough to swim with original ways of 50m or more and have some items of sports equipment swimming.Groups of "red" - composed of students who have swimming training - equipment sailing sports have ways.At the branch annual rate of initial swim swimming training are 300-350 students.

Student group "green" and "blue" study technique sporting methods of navigation. The program groups "red" - improving swimming technique and initial training. For students of the "red" formed team of NTU "KPI" Swimming headed by Honored coach of Ukraine lecturer in sports improvement Dement`yev A. Team of NTU "KPI" repeatedly took prizes in competitions at the universities of Kiev .

In the sports department is carried out work with senior students - members of national teams in swimming schools for training and participation in competitions.

In the department of rehabilitation techniques developed fins students and increase their endurance using swimming exercise, maintained by the Pano, ie at the level of HR 140 Sk / min. Associate Professor Vyhlyayevym Yu developed a method of conducting studies with blind students in the pool and in gyms with the use of special equipment, which received patents. Swimming Teachers developed a method for the initial training of swimming adults who can not swim and recreational swimming technique training students of technical universities.

At the department has 12 professors, associate professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences Vyhlyayev Yuri Nikolaevich , lecturer, candidate of pedagogical sciences Khimich Igor Y. ; senior teachers: Nazaruk Vladimir ,Konstantin Smirnov , Alexander G. Sherevishko ; teachers Scheglov Eugene M. and teachers of the department of sports perfection Dementyev Anatoly , Katchalov Alexander Y. and Murawski Leonid Vladimirovich . Division is headed by a senior teacher Dakal Natalia Adamivna .