Student Club of sport direction "KPIskala"

It has been almost a year since when we welcomed our climbing team on winning the Championship of Ukraine among universities. (Recall that last year our team become winners in all types of climbing)

This year our students made the team very much. Almost completed construction of its rock climbing walls "KPYskala." Unfortunately for all open hall still can not, because the track prepared for athletes and almost spartan conditions (but hope that nayblyschomu future everyone will discover rock climbing on the "KPIskala."

A student club sports and recreation direction "KPIskala." Significantly upgraded squad. The young team keeps KPI mark. After taking second place in the Championship of Ukraine among students climbing (bouldering).

And the international community in this very young sport is gaining momentum, in 2016 the IOC officially recognized the sport climbing Olympic sport and included in the program of the Olympic Games 2020.

In Ukraine, the climbing became sports taking part in the Universiade. Already this month will be held March 16-19, the first championship of Ukraine among students as part of the Universiade (speed, difficulty).

The first step to victory is already done (18-19 February) in Krivoy Rog Ukraine took the championship among students on rock-climbing (bouldering), where our national team. After taking second place took a step to repeat last year's triumph.

Result for bouldering will also be taken into account in all-around. We will try to speed and difficulty snatch victory.

Very few people know that the first artificial climber tion stand in Ukraine was built in the 60s is in "KPI" Now we want to do and great room KPYskala. To promote and develop this relatively young but very interesting and beautiful sport. And from that moment the sport like never before will need innovative implementations not only in the technical field, but also in methods of training athletes.

This sport requires maximum development of all major qualities - speed, agility, strength, endurance and flexibility. As well as qualities of climbing directly: the ability to navigate the route, memorize itineraries and character clues, the ability to pass it the most rational way without spending silly forces. Only depending on the particular specialization of one of the qualities an athlete can have a dominant character.

Climbers compete in several disciplines:

a) Speed ​​- the passage of the proposed judges distances in minimum time;

b) Difficulties - Judge fix a maximum lift height at a distance;

c) bouldering - a series of gentle slopes, judges count the number of routes traveled and spent attempts;

g) round.

Each type of climbing is traditional patterns of performance techniques and tactical decision-making, has its psychological and physiological characteristics. Not only different techniques, but also the conditions of competition and nature trails.

Climbing and the knowledge that students receive in the classroom, will be useful later in life. Climbers involved in the construction of hydropower plants in geological expeditions in the mountains, in the first bunch went to storm impenetrable wall climbing and mountaineering in the win. Many climbers and mountaineers are in the ministry. They are among the first to go to places the earthquake, various accidents, especially in mountainous areas. Rope included in the list of occupations Labour Code. All-altitude works not do without climbers and mountaineers. Skills learned during class rock climbing, will be useful in further life and professional activities after graduation.

So we wish our team new victories and achievements.

We congratulate and wish them new victories this season!

Art. off. Dep. Physical education Mikhailenko VM