Sharafutdinova Sania Umyarivna - Senior Lecturer, Head.loop shaping, 

Tverdokhlib Helen F. - Associate, 

Boyko Anna L. - Associate Professor, 

Gavrilova Natalia E. - teacher,

 Tatiana Kozlova Heorhivna - senior lecturer.

Shaping - the direction of improving physical training for girls and women, which was created by specialists of the Soviet school of aerobics and bodybuilding I.Prohortsevym and O.Homichem from Leningrad (now city. Sank-Petersburg). This - the system of fitness exercises to strengthen the body and achieve harmoniously developed body shapes combined with a high level of motor readiness.

Training with shaping allows you to quickly and effectively reach many signs of health. The effect of employment will be significantly enhanced if you follow a proper diet, daily regimen, use a tool psyhorehulatsiyi. Shaping training is based on the principle of sustainable use of the potential and power lines rytmoplastychnyh gymnastics. Construction of shaping classes has its methodological features - a sequential combination of strength of character with a variety of aerobic exercises focus (exercises overall development in a non-stop dance elements, classical, folk and modern dance, walk, run), as well as with stretching ( exercises aimed at improving the flexibility and the development of mobility in the joints), auditory training (development of certain ideas to regulate mental state), relaxation exercises, breathing exercises and more.

Program shaping consists of two stages, each of which solved some problems.

The tasks of the first stage:

  • Improve health, reduce the risk of diseases (cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal system);
  • Normalize body weight;
  • Raise your level of physical fitness.

The task of the second stage:

  • shaping using various types of motor activity and nutrition.

Classes take place in shaping training room, poolside (second floor Sports Complex). At the department conducted Heats of shaping different departments - winner take part in the sports of NTU "KPI" with shaping.