Orienteering and KPI. Igor Sikorsky

To the sports department of athletics-fitness KPI them. Igor Sikorsky's sport is based on fast running - sports orienteering.
Orienteering has a great sports and health potential.
Orienteering is a multicomponent sport, in which to achieve the result you need an equal to have all the components: physical, technical, tactical, mental and intellectual training.
Types of sports orienteering - foot orienteering (running), ski orienteering (skiing), bike orienteering (cycling), rogaine - orienteering (optional) on time for the distance of 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, trail orienteering (orienteering on tracks, in wheelchairs). through a certain number of points - checkpoints (KP), making an electronic mark on them.
At the start, the participant receives a sports card with printed KP, the number of which, their passing is determined by the judges. The winner of the distance is determined by the best time of all marked on the map KP. Participants are usually divided into groups - according to age (10 - 60 years and older) and qualifications, for example: 21E (elite: MS and KMS) among men and women.
The main types of distances: sprint, middle distance , long distance and relays (2-4 stages). The most popular type of orienteering - in a given direction. This is when the KP points on the map are connected in series by lines.The athlete must go through them in this sequence.
Orienteering has a rich history in KPI. Igor Sikorsky. Since 1996, athletes of our university annually win prizes and become winners of city competitions, championships and Championships of Ukraine. The KPI national team has repeatedly won prizes at the Kyiv Championships and the Ukrainian Student Championships.
KPI orienteering students and graduates (who continue to perform) are part of the Ukrainian national team. They are participants in the World and European Championships for boys and juniors, participants and winners of the World and European Rogaine Championships.
We invite you to join the team in orienteering at the Department of Athletics - Fitness at KPI. Igor Sikorsky. Responsible for sports orientation at the university is a senior lecturer at the Department of Sports Improvement Uskova Svetlana Mikhailovna, Master of Sports of the USSR.