Laboratory of Functional Diagnosis

To implement comprehensive research in the department of physical education a laboratory "functional diagnosis". For three years we have conducted massive studies teachers and students. It surveyed 154 teachers and 3.5 thousand. Students.
We have developed personal control that allow to assess the dynamics of health and regulatory width range. For the analysis of indicators designed "Diary self" for students.
In the diary of self-control students bring their performance physical development (height, weight, and passport number, blood pressure at rest) .Studenty register - measurements: heart rate each morning, immediately after waking, during the school year, heart rate at the beginning and end of classes on physical vyhovannya.Vnosyat a blog indicators of functional tests: monthly - the results of tests on load dosed twice per semester - test results Ghencea (delay breath exhale). Students in each class of physical education subjectively assess their own health on five point scale.

Based on the heart rate students build graphic changes in heart rate month during the school year.
On the basis of calculations of indicators of heart rate response to stress and restore students build schedules dynamics of these indicators.
Data collected in the diaries health assessments are used to control a range of adaptive reserves with special charts developed by the Department of Biomedical Cybernetics NTU "KPI" in cooperation with the Institute NM Amosova.Analiz the data allows teachers to make adjustments to the construction of the educational process taking into account the individual characteristics of students and, therefore, results in the exclusion of overdose physical activity in the classroom for physical education.