Swimming is an excellent tool for comprehensive physical development of a person with a clearly defined health focus.  No other type of physical activity, both for adults and children, can be compared to water activities.

The ability to swim is a vital skill for a person of any age.  As a rule, a well-floating person does not risk his life while in the water, because he knows that he will swim to shore or be able to stay afloat until help arrives.
 "He can neither read nor swim," - so the ancient Greeks said of an uneducated man, believing that swimming - not only a health but also an educational tool.

Dear students!

You can choose to swim.  The swimming department has 9 teachers with students, grouped according to the level of swimming training.
If you do not know how to swim, be afraid of water ¬ You to us to the swimming department!  Teachers will help you get rid of aquaphobia, teach you to swim, and you will love the water and forget about your fears.

If you can swim, but ... you get tired quickly ¬ you to us ¬ to the swimming department!  We will teach you to swim properly, to swim in the right sports, which means that you can swim without wasting energy, swim for a long time without getting tired.

If you have been swimming, you will be able to continue playing your favorite sport, improving your swimming technique and physical capabilities.  The university has a swimming team, where you can continue to train, participate in competitions.  There are teams in water polo, triathlon ¬ sports in which it is important to swim well and quickly.

Swimming ¬ in addition to sports is of great application and health.  And in diseases of the musculoskeletal system (scoliosis, etc.), swimming ¬ cures.
Systematic swimming lessons ensure the preservation and further strengthening of health, promote the harmonious development of the body, increase mental and physical performance and productivity.
Our university has two swimming pools ¬ small training (depth 1.2m) for swimming students who can not swim, and a large pool 25x50m (depth 1.8m ¬6 m).  You will be able to learn to swim if you do not know how, to learn to swim properly if you swim in original ways.  You will get acquainted with sports where swimming is necessary ¬ water polo, scuba diving, diving, synchronized swimming.  You will get acquainted with the elements of aqua fitness - a system of exercise in the aquatic environment, which acts as a natural, multifunctional simulator.
So, we invite you to our university pools, where you will gain knowledge, swimming skills, where you will maintain your health, where you will enjoy "communicating" with water!  And while you are a student, you can get it all for free!