History of the Department


In 1934, on the basis of the Military-Educational Unit of the Kiev Industrial Institute, a department of physical education was created in the state of which were: responsible teacher of physical education Elkis G.Ya. (on 01.07.34), who held optional classes on sports. Starting from 05.06.35, physical education classes are compulsory. On September 26, 1934 the premises of the assembly hall were taken under the gymnasium.

The Department of Physical Education (Department of Physical Education) of NTUU "KPI" (at that time the Kiev Industrial Institute) was created by order of 29.08.36.

Head of the department (head) was appointed Savishcheva V.E.
The composition of the department on 01.09.36 year: Savishchev VE, Ivanitsky SV, Monakhov DO, Peschansky OB, Reichenau MG, Tomashevsky VA

In the semester of certification of students of physical education included an assessment "unsatisfactory". "Unsatisfactory" or lack of appreciation was considered debt. In the discipline of physical culture lectures were given and practical classes were conducted. To receive credit for the students of the 1st year, it was necessary to pass the complex of TRP of the 1st degree, and for the 2nd and 3rd courses the complex of TRP of the 2nd degree.

Successes of the department: in 1935 - the first place among higher educational establishments in gymnastic exercises, the first place in the competition-review of physical education in higher educational establishments and awarding the physical education unit with a transitional red flag. LKSMU EYES. At the department there were sections in athletics, skiing, hockey, ice skating, cycling, volleyball (there were 5 volleyball teams, fencing).

On September 27, 2007, Ostapenko SV was appointed the head of the department of physical culture.

In the late 1950s, on the initiative of the head of the department of physical education Kalenchuk SI, for the first time in Ukraine the educational process on physical education was restructured on the principle of sports specialization.

From 1978 to 1985, the Department of Physical Education was forced to return to classes with academic groups (due to the transition to a one-schedule schedule of the educational process and the reduction of the number of gyms and facilities). But in 1985, after the construction and equipping of a modern sports base - a large sports complex with two swimming pools, halls of weightlifting, aerobics, wrestling and boxing, sports games, gymnastics - the department conducts classes on the sectional form of organization of the educational process.

Over the past 20 years, the Department of Physical Education has accumulated a wealth of experience in organizing sports and recreational work at the faculties and educational departments of various sports. The scientific and methodological substantiation of the educational and training process for students of all specialties of NTUU "KPI" was carried out, and a large number of scientific and methodical developments, manuals, patents for inventions, monographs, educational and working programs on physical education were prepared and published.

In 1996, the Department of Physical Education and Sports, specializing in 7.010201 "Physical Education" was established on the basis of the Department of Physical Education with the licensed scope of admission, the purpose of which was to train specialists of a wide profile.

In addition to the Department of Physical Education, the faculty includes three new departments:

  •     the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, to which a special medical department for students with disabilities and health defects was transferred;
  •     department of sports improvement;
  •     Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education.

Head of the Department of Physical Education - Associate Professor (now Professor), Yuriy Vykhlyaev.

Head of the Rehabilitation Department - Associate Professor (now Professor), Yuriy Popodyukha.

Head of the Chair of Theory and Methods of Physical Education - Assistant Professor Sergey Sychev.

The head of the department of sports improvement - associate professor Novitsky Yuri Vladimirovich.

Since 2007, the Faculty of Physical Education has ceased to exist, and the departments are part of the Inter-University Faculty of Medical Engineering (MMIF).