If you want to surprise others, to be interesting first of all to yourself, we invite you to gymnastics classes.  Gymnastics is a complex coordination sport that includes not only exercises for dexterity, flexibility, strength, coordination, but also practical skills.

Highly qualified teachers-coaches will teach you not only theoretical knowledge of such a progressive Olympic sport, but also help:

 - improve your own flexibility, strength;

 - improve coordination;

 - correct and improve posture;

 - perform handstands and various acrobatic elements;

 - perform various elements on a gymnastic horse, rings, parallel and different height bars, crossbar, deck and free exercises.

In the classes you will be taught from the simplest elements of gymnastics and acrobatics (overturning, wheel, handstands and various exercises on shells) to more complex (rondats, flakes, somersaults and exercises on shells).  There are also elements of workout, rhythmic gymnastics and choreography.  Learning to jump on a trampoline and elements with the help of a lounge.  You will learn to group properly in difficult situations.

With love for gymnastics, and respect for all sports,

Your future teachers:

Shishatska Valentina Ivanovna

Zenina Irina Vladimirovna

Volodymyr Edvardovych Dobrovolsky