Classes are held in the educational building № 24.
Right wing, 3rd floor, gym.

Anatoliy Smovzhenko - in charge of the training department, Art. teacher;
Zenina Irina - Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences;
Shishatska Valentina Ivanovna - Art. teacher;
Volodymyr Volodymyr Volodymyr - a teacher.

In the process of gymnastics the most successfully solved the problems of comprehensive physical development, improvement of motor abilities. Various exercises allow you to have a beneficial effect on all parts of the motor, muscle groups and systems. It is no coincidence that persons who regularly practice gymnastics, are distinguished by uniformly developed muscles, good posture and posture, clever coordinated movements.

Gymnastics is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular sports. Gymnastics is an Olympic sport. Officially held international competitions in gymnastics, including the world championship.

In April each year, the department holds a gymnastics championship under the program of the NTUU "KPI" sports competition. Also, students regularly participate in demonstration speeches at the opening and closing parades of the NTUU "KPI" sports event, demonstrating their developed skills and results achieved.