Classes are held: Navchalyy building № 24. The right wing, 3rd floor, gym

Smovzhenko Anatoly - Senior Lecturer, Head.gymnastics training department; 

Shyshatska Valentina senior teacher;

 Zenin Irina - Associate Professor of Physical Education;

 Vladimir Dobrovolsky Эdvardovych - teacher;

During gymnastics most successfully solved the problem with a comprehensive physical development, improving motor skills.

A variety of exercises can positively affect all parts of the motor vehicle, all the muscle groups and systems. Therefore, not random people who are constantly engaged in gymnastics, differ equally muscular, good bearing and bearing, dexterous coordinated movements.

Gymnastics is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular sports.

Men's gymnastics program sessions includes:

  • free exercise;
  • exercise on the bar;
  • exercises on the bars;
  • exercises on the rings;
  • exercises on the horse with handles;
  • Vault.

The women's program includes:

  • free exercise;
  • exercises on the bars;
  • exercises on the deck;
  • Vault.

Gymnastics - Olympic sport. Officially hosts international competitions in gymnastics, including the world championship.