Games of NTU "KPI" them. Igor Sikorsky with shaping 2017

12/04/2017 The Games was held NTU "KPI" them. Igor Sikorsky with shaping.
The main aim of the competition - popularization of sports and healthy lifestyle.
In the competition involved the following departments: FBMI, FMF, FL, HTF, FMM, FEL, ITC, fax, PTI, FIVT, FAT, VPI, IASA, FBT, IEE, RTF, FS, Teff. In total, the event was attended by about 70 students.

The results of the competition:
 1st Place - VPI, gaining 228 points.
 2nd place - FMM, gaining 76 points.
 3rd place - ITS 61 score.
 4th - FIVT 55 points.
 5th - PTI 36 points.
 6th - FAT 35 points.
 7th - PL 34.5 points.
 8-9 place - FBMI, 30baliv.
 8-9 place - FMF 30 points.
 10th - FBT, 19,5baliv.
 11th - IASA 18 points.
 12mistse- FEL 15 points.
 13-15 position - Fax 12 points.
 13-15 place - IEE, 12 points.
 13-15 place - TEF 12 points.
 16mistse - HTF, 6 points.
 17th place - RTF, 2 points.
 18th place - FS, 1 point.
In recitals particularly distinguished student following: Lupanenko SA (IPSA) - 1st place, Denisenko NV (FBT) - 2 place MEDVEDIUK K. (FAX) and SpasovaYe. (IEE) - 3rd place.

Results commanding performances (consisting of 2-3 participants): student FMMHodyuk O., A. Agapov - 1st place; studentkyFMF Mizyunska I., L. Bishop - 2nd place; 3rd place with the same number of points the team took PTI (Sauk Yu Rishko K., N. Samara) and VPI (Styopka E. O. Galilee).

Winners team performances (consisting of 5-6 participants): VPI students Hubenko I. Drobotovych M. PanasyukV., A. Rudin, Straw MP, K. Tomina - 1st place; ReGet D., T. Gromov, Kulish D ., Dykach Yu Illyenok M. (national team FIVT and FBMI) - 2nd place; Vashulenko I., Peter M., D. Topiha, Fil A. Chykalyuk E. Prodanchuk O. (VPI) - 3rd place.

Each of the students diligently worked on his speech, made every effort to show their creativity and discover their talents. All performances are incredibly liked visitors, fans and judges of svyata.Peremozhtsi sports competitions were awarded diplomas and medals. At present, each participant received competition spring flowers.
We thank the teachers of physical education department for help in conducting and judging competitions: Boyko AL, Gavrilov NE, Kozlova T., Ivaniuta NV Shishatskiy VI, Gavrilova NM, Novikov IV, Khimich I.

Senior lecturer in physical education S.U.Sharafutdinova, T.H.Kozlova.