Competitions on mountaineering techniques ISS Cup 2017

For that year the team traditionally holds the ISS on the outskirts of the village of Zhitomir Denyshi on a rocky massif River Grouse competition with THT. Competitions were held in a rather complicated sites of rocks and consisted of three courses, expertise, connections and personal equipment. In the national team NTU "KPI of I. Sikorsky" sport tourism were 12 athletes - four men and two ties mixed. The results of the competition we won:

1, 2 and 4 place in the men's race zv`yazochniy
1st and 3rd place in the mixed race zv`yazochniy
1,2, and 3 place in the men's individual race
2 and 5 place in the women's individual race

In general, we took the 1 and 3 places in men's and mixed championships.