Boyko G.L


Acting head of the department of physical education Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Participates in meetings of scientific councils and Faculty of Biomedical Engineering  University.

Full member EKC and faculty scholarship committee Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

It meets the Department of Physical Education and responsible for meeting educational department and responsible for sports and recreation activities in the faculties.

Manages economic and scientific work of faculty and staff of the department.

Develops processes and curriculum of discipline "Physical Education".

Makes work plan and reports of the Department in all directions.

Reviewed scientific articles,  abstracts, teaching faculty and graduate students of FBMI.

Organizes and conducts seminars teaching department and cathedral and Interuniversity scientific conference.

Conducts practical lessons with students training department shaping.

Participates in organization and judging competitions shaping and other sports NTU "KPI".

Conducts educational work with teachers and department staff and students Faculty of Biomedical Engineering  and other departments.


Guidelines for workshops on the subject "Physical Education"

student training department shaping


Physical Education