Classes are held: Academic building № 24. The left wing, 2nd floor, gymnasium № 1

Efremenko Victoria M. - Senior Lecturer, Head.Basketball training department;

 Anikeyenko Larisa - senior teacher;

Jaremenko Oleg - teacher;

Basketball - one of the most common and most popular games in the country and the world. It encourages the full development of those engaged in it, the development and improvement of skills and abilities required everyone to her profession. The collective nature of the game develops qualities such as sociability, friendship, desire for mutual help and mutual aid. Also, when doing basketball develop such traits as perseverance and determination, initiative and discipline, initiative and courage, selflessness.Through its emotion, basketball became a means not only physical development, but also leisure.

At NTU "KPI" Basketball has a long and glorious tradition. By the time the Soviet Union student teams CPI gained prizes in student championships in Kyiv, Ukraine and the USSR. Over the years, prepared 55 basketball players - Masters of Sports of the USSR.

Among them, such as Vladimir Stremouhov - master of sports of international class, the winner of the World Student Games, Sergey Kopychko - Master of Sports of the USSR, multiple winner of the USSR championship in the team "Builder" (m. Kyiv) - now Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Igor fucking - one of the first Masters of Sports of the USSR basketball, now a professor at the Faculty of welding and other

Classes of physical education in the educational department of basketball is teaching process, whose goal is the full development, health promotion students acquiring technical and tactical skills, improve individual, group and team action, development and education of high moral and volitional qualities.

The objectives of the training process are:

  • health promotion;
  • development of basic physical properties;
  • mastery of specialized knowledge, abilities and skills;
  • mastering the techniques and tactics of the game;
  • education necessary motor, intellectual, moral and mobile volitional qualities.

Each student must acquire skills. Multiple repetition exercise has beneficial effects on the activities of all organs and systems of the human body. The complex nature of the action in basketball requires special training basketball diverse students. It consists of separate, but closely related types of training: theoretical, physical, technical, tactical, game, integrated, moral, volitional, organizational and methodical. Working with students, special attention should be paid to the requirements of discipline. High demands of the teacher to the students during the learning process is the key to their discipline.