Due to the reform of the physical education system at our university, you are offered the right to choose your favorite type of physical activity and sport among several others.  They are all grouped into five groups:
  game sports,
  power sports,
  complex coordination sports,
  martial arts,
  cyclic sports.

The group of cyclic types includes athletics and fitness.  This is not so much a sport as a type of physical activity that offers you the opportunity on the basis of athletic exercises (running, jumping, special athletics) to increase general physical fitness (fitness), to develop basic physical qualities.

Running and its health-improving effect is based on the inclusion of almost all muscle groups, which leads to an increase in load and oxygen supply to the body.  Running is a powerful natural exercise in breathing exercises: breathing becomes full and sharp.  Regular athletics becomes the basis of an active and proper lifestyle.  This primarily applies to the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, musculoskeletal system.

The general effect of running on the body is associated with changes in the functional state of the central nervous system.  Compensation for increasing energy consumption, functional changes in the blood supply and reducing morbidity.

Athletics is rightly called the queen of sports.  Representatives of all kinds of sports develop their abilities on its basis.  Even chess players include cyclic motor exercises in the fresh air in their training plan.  The other side of athletic exercises is the health effects on the human body.  Running and walking are natural ways to move.  They provide the body with oxygen, increase endurance, strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

For students who want to improve their skills and take part in competitions and athletics, there is a National Athletics Team of NTUU KPI "named after I. Sikorsky.

International run and track and field relay "CROSS MILE" among higher educational institutions of Kyiv.

Spring cross in the park of NTUU "KPI" named after  I. Sikorsky.

Also based on running classes at the university is the Orienteering Team.

This is a very interesting sport.  Its activities are always held in a natural area, whether competitions or training.  But students with the appropriate level of preparation and in the presence of the ability to decipher the marks on the map, to navigate the area are invited to such classes.

The training program in the winter offers:

 "Fitness training" - physical exercises indoors with musical accompaniment in motion and on mats.  Exercises for flexibility and coordination.  Strength exercises with dumbbells, stuffed balls.  Exercises with skipping rope, gymnastic stick and other shells, exercises on the gymnastic wall, crossbar and bars.  We also perform exercises to relax and stretch muscles, static exercises, exercises for balance and special endurance, jumping exercises, exercises for coordination skills, as an element of fitness training. In general, health and recreational exercises are offered for those students who care about the condition.  their health and proper level of physical fitness.


Due to distance learning and quarantine, all sports events were unfortunately canceled, but we can review and mention how students of NTUU "KPI" of all faculties under the guidance of teachers of the athletics and fitness department, held a relay race on the sports field near the Sports Complex  "KPI".

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