Athletic gymnastics for students

Athletic gymnastics as a form of exercise and a way of life is one of the healthiest hobbies in the world.  Athletic gymnastics not only improves strength and makes a person physically harmonious, but it is also a wonderful world where will, perseverance and determination are brought up, it is a qualitatively different way of life and thinking.

       Classes in athletic gymnastics are aimed at:

     improving body tone
     development and improvement of physical qualities
     harmonious development of muscles of all body, correction of shortcomings of a physique
     mastering motor, sports-technical and professional sports skills
     muscle building
     figure adjustment
     formation of the correct posture
     increase flexibility and mobility of joints
     relieving mental stress, calming the nervous system
     promoting the ability to own the body, coordinate movement, regulate muscle tension
     achieving a high level of harmonious physical development and health promotion
     education of stable interest and habits to regular physical culture and sports, to active recreation and useful leisure
     increase self-esteem, decrease aggression
     instilling discipline, strengthening motivation, which is transferred to other areas of life
     participation in various competitions.

The main principle of training is a healthy lifestyle, as well as the correction of defects in posture and body structure.  The gym has exercise machines for the development of all muscles of the body.  Body beauty is achieved through daily training, ie this sport requires regularity.

Athletic exercises improve the blood supply to the brain and internal organs, create favorable conditions for the central nervous system, normalize nervous processes, increase the size of the heart muscle, improve the cardiovascular system.  The pulse becomes less frequent, the capacity of the lungs increases, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract improves, and the musculoskeletal system strengthens.

In athletic gymnastics classes are widely used:

      general developmental exercises without objects and with objects: gymnastic stick, stuffed balls, skipping rope, shock absorbers, expander, dumbbells
      exercises on structures: gymnastic wall, rope;  bars, crossbeams;  jumping exercises, climbing, carrying loads, throwing
      exercises with your own body weight
      exercises to overcome the resistance of the partner
      exercises with a barbell, a vulture
      exercises on special simulators
      exercises using fitballs
      exercises to relax and stretch muscles
      static exercises

For students who want to improve their sports skills and take part in competitions, there is a national team in weightlifting of NTUU "KPI named after I. Sikorsky"

At the training department "Athletic Gymnastics" are taught by qualified teachers consisting of:

Pankratov MS  - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education;

Sabirov OS  - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Sports Improvement, Ph.D .;

Krilov AG  - Lecturer of the Department of Sports Improvement, heads the National Weightlifting Team of NTUU "KPI named after I. Sikorsky";

Sirotynska OK  - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education;

Timchik SG  - Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education;