Athletic Gymnastics

Athletic Gymnastics (Hall 4 on the floor)

Teachers (hall 4 floors): 
Masalkin Michael G. - Senior Lecturer, Head. training department athletic exercises; 

Sobolenko Andrei Ilyich - senior teacher; 

Koryukayev Nikolai - teacher, 

Yuriy A. Martynov - teacher;

Fitness athletic gymnastics there are more than twenty years. During this time, many university students are engaged in your favorite sport. The section does not make the task of training athletes or champions high places. The basic principle used in classes - a healthy lifestyle, as well as fix defects in posture and body structure. In the hall are trainers for the development of all the muscles of the body. The beauty of the body is achieved through daily exercise, that this sport requires constancy and in any case does not allow for absenteeism. One missed classes - "it's two steps back" because then have two classes to recover the body of this gymnastics - it's not just a job with shells and trainers is also a healthy way of life: at least eight hours of sleep a day of training, the rejection of adoption of even mild alcoholic beverages and beer. The last meal at least two 2:00 to workout. This training begins with the "warm-up", ie 15-20 minutes of running, then exercises that contribute to warming up the core muscles of the body, and only then with shells and classes at the gym.


Athletic Gymnastics (hall 1 floor)

Teachers (Hall 1 floor): 
Sychev Sergey A. - Associate Professor of Physical Education. Ph.D., beg. training department athletic exercises; 

Pankratov Michael Savelyevich - senior teacher;

Syrotynska Elena Kalenivna - teacher;


Each workout designed to work specific muscles of the body such that the chest muscles. All exercises are performed to increase their volume chest muscles and relief - the full range of training. The second training back muscles, etc. During training mined skill, accuracy is performed exercise, breathing, etc. Depending on the amount of exercise, ie the number of repetitions in the approach when the approach is used to increase strength while more weight and low reps. Approach to middle and small weight and lots of reps is aimed at volume of the body, its growth and endurance. A must for all involved in athletic gymnastics medical certificate entitles you to class. Students with physical disabilities or disorders engage not recommended. At the end of training students in compulsory exercises performed on the "relaxation" that all sorts of jumps, jump rope, hang on the bar, etc. During training, students monitor their well-being, control pulse in the case of any variations in health immediately turn to a coach. Only after discussing the situation with a student continues to further training or terminate it. Among involved many beginners, students new students. More experienced "old man" give them every assistance, explain the purpose of an exercise and a better simulator and implement it so they do not repeat their mistakes. Do athletic exercises give students not only a beautiful body - it is also a healthy lifestyle. Harmony - is when the mind and body. Do exercises helps students at a concentration of will and physical effort, not only in sports but also in achieving life's victories.