On June 17, representatives of the Kyiv City Branch of the Committee for Physical Education and Sports of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine were invited and participated in the XVI Scientific and Methodological Conference "Physical Education in the Context of Modern Education."
and Sports Training of the National Aviation University headed by its head, Candidate of Sciences in Physical Education and Sports, Associate Professor Ivan Ivanovich Vrzhesnevsky.
congratulatory words from the President of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine - Maria Bulatova. Welcoming remarks were made by the Head of the Kyiv City Branch of the KFVS MES, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Serhiy Bobrovnyk, who conveyed words of congratulations and wishes for a successful end to the school year , as well as words of gratitude to the heads of departments of the capital's universities for the active participation of students of the Free Economic Zone in the competitions of the XVI Summer Universiade of Ukraine.
The main topics of the conference participants' reports were the humanistic ideals and values ​​of Olympism, Olympic education in modern society, including history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, ethics, aesthetics and ecology; scientific-methodical and organizational bases of physical education in non-profile institutions of higher education: priorities, prospects, problems of organization and methods of teaching; physical education of students of special medical groups in the modern context, ie the health effects of physical education. Attention was also paid to such issues as problems of modern and sports training, identification of pedagogy of motor activity, as well as intellectual and artistic sports in modern contexts.
Active participation in the conference was taken by: Natalia Ladogubets - Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics and Social Communications NAU, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Ivan Zakharchuk - Head of the Department of Physical Education IAPM, Vice President of the Kyiv Chess Federation, who proposed to develop various sports, including rugby, among students in close cooperation with the federations of relevant sports . Interesting were the reports of the head of the Department of Martial Arts and Power Sports NUFVSU, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Georgy Korobeynikov and Sergei Bobrovnik, who proposed to introduce Olympic education in the educational processes of secondary schools.
Among the participants of the conference were the chief specialist of the Department of Youth and Sports of the Kyiv City State Administration, MS Svitlana Milenko and ZTU, MSMK coach of IC "Aviator" in rugby Vyacheslav Kozmenko.
It should be emphasized that high-level reports were heard and discussed at the conference, and the discussion of topics was lively and productive. Everyone has learned something new and relevant.
Kyiv City Branch of KFVS MES expresses gratitude to the Department of Physical Education and Sports Training of the National Aviation University and personally to its head Ivan Vrzhesnevsky for organizing and holding a scientific conference at a high organizational level, as well as co-organizers of the conference - the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM), the Olympic Academy of Ukraine and the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI named after Igor Sikorsky".