A good figure ... without getting up from a chair (Good shape without leaving the workplace)

The rhythm of modern life leaves little our women free time for your favorite hobbies, but most of them do not have time for exercise, to support the figures in great shape. Overweight, headaches, insomnia, blurred vision, weakness, disease of the musculoskeletal system, spine, joints, heart disease, etc. - that's sad companions sedentary lifestyle, constant finding in the workplace in the same position, sitting at the computer machines.

Get essential for the normal exercise capacity of organism is now possible without leaving the job. This will require regular chair with a back. Therefore, exercises using a chair - a complex, through which man is able to stay fit without special sports equipment. It is the perfect solution for those who do not have too much time for long workouts in gyms, but want to stay in great shape and good spirits.

These simple set of exercises performed and require a systematic approach. Their planning application should take place, depending on age, sex, physical fitness, well-being of those involved. The extent and duration of employment must meet set goals and objectives.

Classes consist of the following parts: preparation (warm-up), basic exercises for stretching (Stretching) and final (hitch). Warm-up based on specific selection of exercises based on the future exercise. Its mission - training the body to do the job, avoiding the risk of injury.

The main body uses exercises to strengthen your arm muscles, abdominal press, back and legs. To strengthen the muscles of the arm can recommend a variety of push-ups on the chair. For security exercise to draw attention to the fact that the chair does not slip on the floor (you can put on a gym mat). To develop the abdominals recommended climbs straight or bent at the knee joints of legs, sitting on a chair. You must also perform a variety of torso, twisting sitting on a chair or standing next to it. These exercises like bending and straightening legs, their simultaneous or alternate allocation and construction sitting on a chair, serve to strengthen those muscles. Standing next to a chair with resistance on its back with one hand can perform moves down, attacks. Effective considered as squats on a chair. Thus, the exercises can be performed at the chair of resistance to it, sitting on it. Customize lessons can be simple dance moves at the chair, avoiding it - it all depends on my mood and imagination.

Stretching exercises (Stretching) develop flexibility and increase the amplitude of mobility in the joints. This part of the lesson focused on stretching muscles processed and contributing to the restoration, improving flexibility, joint mobility and reduce muscle pain.

The final part of the lesson (hitch) - a necessary and important component of the end of each workout. In sharp end of the exercise the body is under stress and increased stress on the cardiovascular system. Therefore hitches phase enables smooth normalize the heart and the circulation of the blood system, helps prevent heart arrhythmias.

So you can do the exercises sitting on a chair, standing beside him and resistance to it. Compound exercises include the development of physical qualities such as flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, endurance, requiring harmonious development.

A set of exercises using the chair can be used in the workplace, at home, as morning exercises, during breaks between classes for pupils and students in hostels and homes for independent work and so on.

Different set of exercises in the workplace not only promote always be in good shape and good spirits, but also help rally the team and to diversify the monotony of working days. These classes also can be recommended to students as morning exercises, fizkultminutki the breaks between pairs, for self-study at home or dormitories.

Lecturer in Physical Education Irina Novikova